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LeishTon Consulting & BoardGov Limited (LeishTon) is a closely knit, privately-held and forward-thinking company delivering game-changing consulting, research, training services and corporate governance data management (GovData) solutions to its esteemed clients across Nigeria, other Anglophone West African countries and beyond.

Insight. Focus. Agility is the process we apply in delivering exceptional service to our esteemed clients. We deliver our services at great speed through collaborative engagement (the glue) and disciplined execution (the grease). We strive to create a very deep connection with our clients by giving them individualised attention and it makes a big difference in terms of the value-add to their businesses. Indeed, our services have that “personal touch.”

LeishTon builds three winning capabilities simultaneously: It is purpose-driven, performance-oriented and principles-led. We believe that LeishTon’s secret weapon is superior talent strategies characterised by deep commitment from the board, top executive team, broad-based engagement and line accountability, with a “leaders developing leaders” culture. LeishTon’s leaders strives daily to build a game-changing organisation by simultaneously being purpose-drive, performance-oriented and principles-led.

How does LeishTon’s leaders help to make this happen?” By building a game-changing talent strategy (and a robust world-class talent factory) that is not just good for the soul, but also good for LeishTon. Game-changing companies do not just happen, rather, they are supported by game-changing talent strategies. LeishTon’s talent strategy is to provide: right vision to inspire its people, right tools to empower its people, right culture and climate to motivate its people, and the right people to build purpose-driven, performance-oriented and principles-led workplace.

“Our jobs have that ‘personal touch.’ We give our clients individualised attention and it makes a big difference in terms of progression and accountability.”