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Culture is simply the way we get things done in LeishTon. Our culture is at the heart of our company and recognised as a differentiator. LeishTon sees culture as a combination of the values, attitudes and behaviours manifested within the company. In other words, we manifest culture is through shared beliefs, articulated values, enduring attitudes and narrative behaviours.

We believe that a healthy culture both protects and generates value, thus, we strive to build and nurture a strong culture in LeishTon. In addition, we are very much aware that a healthy culture is a valuable asset, a source of competitive advantage and vital to the creation and protection of LeishTon’s long-term value. We live the LeishTon’s Culture through:

   Can-do attitude;
   Building connection;
   Being humble;
   Showing gratitude;
   Positive relationships;
   Being empathetic and caring;
   Doing the right thing;
   Living smarter;
   Delivering exceptional service;
   Making time to reflect;
   Having a bias towards clarity;
   Being diligent; and
   Listening first, and then listening more.