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Governance Process Policies

These are policies with which the board instructs itself, its committees and its members, about its own job. Policies in this category deal with issues relating to the board’s job and the relationship between the board and others with the exception of the special relationship the policy governance board has with the CEO. The relationship between the policy governance board and the CEO is treated separately. Specifically, these policies describe the board’s job, the chairman’s job, board committee jobs and the board’s link to the shareholders. Some of the policies found in this category are:

  Board values
  Accountability philosophy
  Governance commitment
  Governing style
  Governance evaluation
  CEO’s role
  Chairman’s role
  Company secretary’s role
  Board committee principles
  Board Committee Structure

  • Board Audit Committee Terms of Reference
  • Statutory Audit Committee Terms of Reference
  • Risk Management Committee Terms of Reference
  • Governance and Nomination Committee Terms of Reference
  • Credit Committee Terms of Reference
  • Compensation Committee Terms of Reference
  • Finance and Investment Committee Terms of Reference
  • Other Committees terms of reference

   Committees’ terms of references
   Board and Committees’ expenses
   Annual board planning cycle and agenda planning and control
   Code of Conduct and Ethics for directors
   Conflicts of Interest
   Asset declaration
   Investment in governance
   Cost of governance
   Social responsibility
   Board Linkage with shareholders
   Board Job description
   Board Job contribution
   Governance Succession
   Board Linkage with other organisations