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Leader Behaviours

This refers to how LeishTon’s leaders act on a daily basis and in the long-term as we seek to implement the company’s vision and strategic priorities, strive to fulfil the brand promise and live up to the 10 LeishTon CCLIIPPTER values. The behaviours expected of LeishTon leaders include, but not limited to:

   Being agile, resilient and flexible;

   Demonstrating respect for individuals and their varied contributions;

   Having the capacity to adapt to unfamiliar situations;

   Being able to articulate vision for their respective teams;

   Encouraging teamwork, collaboration and total commitment to our clients’ goals;

   Being empathetic to direct reports and other subordinates;

   Being enthusiastic to new challenges;

   Having the ability to inspire, motivate, stimulate and influence subordinates positively;

   Being able to challenge the status quo;

   Having a high level of authenticity;

   Being highly engaged and committed;

   Motivating junior colleagues;

   Having the ability to win others over;

   Having a sense of urgency;

   Ensuring that promises made are promises kept;

   Leading by example;

   Focusing on meritocracy;

   Acting decisively;

   Celebrating “team wins;”

   Being emotionally intelligent;

   Building leadership in others;

   Showing gratitude;

   Thinking and acting ethically;

   Having game-changing mind-set;

   Living smarter, not harder;

   Doing the right thing;

   Placing common interest first;

   Focusing on self-improvement;

   Communicating persuasively;

   Leading hearts and minds;

   Innovating daily;

   Managing relations;

   Delivering results;

   Making time to reflect;

   Having bias towards clarity;

   Being a no-ego doer;

   Walking the talk;

   Building leaders in others;

   Thinking and acting strategically;

   Developing self and others; and

   Listening first, then listening more.