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LeishTon's Collective Ambition

We are not only passionate about what we do, but we also strive to deliver the best services and solutions to our clients every day. For LeishTon, profit is good, but our leaders and employees collaborate to shape a collective ambition that supersedes individual goals and take into account the key elements that LeishTon requires to achieve and sustain excellence and success. LeishTon’s leaders and employees work very hard daily to ensure that they keep the brand promise. LeishTon’s leaders are responsible for ensuring that the employees, the people carrying out the promise day in and day out, understand its very essence.

At LeishTon, we do not pursue a single ambition such as profit, but rather, we harness our collective ambition to deliver value to our stakeholders through enhanced performance, creating a collaborative climate, whilst maintaining a definiteness of purpose. We are guided daily by our collective sense of purpose. Our collective ambition at LeishTon is to be explicit about:

   Why we are in business (i.e. why we exist);
What we hope to accomplish;
What we stand for;
How we will collaborate (leaders and employees) to achieve our collective ambition;
How our brand promise aligns with our core values; and
How deep we want our connections to be with our clients.