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“Formal performance appraisals of a company’s CEO by its board are becoming increasingly commonplace (adapted from HBR – Appraising Boardroom performance by Conger et al., 1998).” 

Other Questionnaires

Aside the corporate governance reviews, LeishTon can work with you and your organisation to design and administer a wide range of questionnaires for different forms of reviews using our BoardEvassTM tool. BoardEvassTM enables us to efficiently administer questionnaires and a wide range of documents, including, but not limited to, the under listed questionnaires:
   Code of Conduct and Ethics Questionnaires;
Conflicts of Interest Questionnaires;
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Questionnaire;
   Whistle-blowing Questionnaires;
Compliance Function’s Questionnaires;
Cyber- Security Questionnaires;
ERM Maturity and Sophistication Questionnaires;
Compliance Maturity and Sophistication Questionnaires;
BCM Maturity and Sophistication Questionnaires;
AML/CFT Questionnaires;
LeishTon Satisfaction Questionnaire (LSQ);
LeishTon Commitment Questionnaire (LCQ);
Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ);
Authentic Leadership Questionnaire (ALQ);
   Team Coherence Survey (TCS);
Employee Engagement Survey (EES);
Organisation Development Questionnaire (ODQ); and