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At LeishTon, we have collectively decided to choose positivity and happiness. Attitude is everything and positive attitude is an excellent way to deliver on promise made. Positivity in all things is not always possible, but striving for it, in as many ways as we can, creates an extremely harmonious workplace and a very happy group of employees. We might not be able to guarantee everybody at LeishTon being happy every day, but what we can do every day is to approach every situation with the most positive outlook and intentions, assuming the best of every person we meet. We believe that when we do that, every other thing will fall in place.

We live the LeishTon’s Positivity value by:

   Always approaching our work and other endeavours in positive and optimistic way,
   Never complaining,
   Showing genuine interest in our clients’ business,
   Never criticising or condemning team members or clients,
   Being deliberate about giving genuine appreciation,
   Allowing other person save face, even if they are clearly wrong,
   Choosing to stay positive in all communications and interactions with colleagues, clients, vendors and others,
   Radiating a positive reassuring aura when interacting with clients,
   Having a general feeling of positivity and optimism in all team communications,
   Always starting our day smiling and feeling incredibly grateful for being part of a great team, the LeishTon team,
   Creating positive workplace culture;
   Creating an atmosphere or a climate of warmth and comfort, and
   Being happy.