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“One of the most important governance practices to emerge in the last three decades is the performance assessment of the CEO (Conger, Lawler, & Finegold, 2001).”

Top Management Evaluations and Assessments

Although the significance of CEO’s evaluation cannot be over-emphasised, but it is shocking how perfunctory board of directors can be in their feedback, appraisal, review or evaluation of their organisation’s CEO. Some chairmen of boards or even chairmen of compensation committees, carry out this all important task in just five minutes, and in this session, the only feedback the CEO gets is that the board is happy with his or her performance. The sad part of this process is that the manner in which the CEO is evaluated is significantly different from the rigour that the CEO and other executive directors apply in evaluating their team members. Do not get us wrong. CEO’s autonomy is good, but to use CEO’s autonomy as a justification for limiting performance assessment to only financial performance just does not seem right.  Something that is critical is that all the financial incentives in the country would not transform CEOs into better decision makers, and when these CEOs make terribly wrong decisions, everybody on the board no longer have a board to sit on because the organisation is gone under.

It is therefore imperative for board members to know that they have an obligation to owners to ensure that organisations are sustainably run, and the sooner they can identify problems with executive management’s performance, the better for all (a stitch in time saves nine). So, for process improvement and to avoid the pitfall I described above, the board, particularly, independent and non-executive directors must develop tools that allow them to rigorously and effectively evaluate their CEO and executive directors. LeishTon has a best-in-class board and corporate governance evaluation tool, BoardEvassTM, and applies a unique framework that has the capacity to provide assurance of anonymity, preservation of board resources, great user experience and enables LeishTon’s subject matter experts to bring to bear their many years of board/corporate governance multi-jurisdiction research experience. LeishTon is your trusted corporate governance and boardroom process partner for board and corporate governance diagnosis and reviews. Our unique process enables us to work closely in consultation with boards and senior management of organisations across industries to effectively deliver on the following:

Our CEO evaluation process design and management:

  • Bring our many years of board governance research to bear in designing a CEO evaluation review process or we utilise your existing evaluation
  • Administer through our user friendly interface, the TM BoardEvass tool
  • TM BoardEvass tool is a tool hoisted with highly sophisticated and secured third party provider to
    protect and assure respondents’ anonymity and confidentiality
  • Unique reporting with customisable features
  • Interview option available
  • Flexible

Management and board alignment offer a higher probability of success. The board has a mandate to 0 monitor management performance. A 360 style approach is to also offer a management evaluation of the board enhancing the bi-lateral interaction of board and management that enhances the opportunity for communication and alignment.

Management and board alignment offer a higher probability of success. The board has a mandate to 0 monitor management performance. A 360 style approach is to also offer a management evaluation of the board enhancing the bi-lateral interaction of board and management that enhances the opportunity for communication and alignment.

Whether a quick review of team status or a deep dive into management team dynamics and strategic execution. The TM LeishTon BoardEvass platform is a sophisticated, user  friendly, and low cost solution. Choose from our questionnaire library, add custom questions, and initiate the evaluation in less than a week. Our unique reporting provides insightful and actionable output.

Evaluating strategy is integral to enterprise success. The company’s board of directors is responsible for monitoring and supporting management’s execution on strategy. A client, usually the board Chairman or Company Secretary, works with LeishTon’s experts, who inputs the company’s customised strategy evaluation into the BoardEvass tool and on the basis of which the evaluation is conducted. Our reports provide insights and actionable outputs.